Radek Karkulowski - Founder / Owner

 The Zik Project began in early 2016 when I worked as a supervisor and instructor for male teenagers and young adults here in Finland.

Most of them trained in boxing or thaiboxing and I trained with them in the gym.

During that time I noticed that some of these people did not have enough persistence and motivation. I felt sorry to see extremely talented young men repeatedly skipping their training and decided to use my graphic design background to design some t-shirts with a message for them. The first designs "Aim High" and "Never Give Up" were made on the night shift when everyone was sleeping (at least I thought so ...). 

Once my contract ended, I decided to continue designing t-shirts and to develop an apparel brand out of it.

At the moment I'm studying so I can continue to instruct young people with challenging life circumstances. My dream is to see fewer talents wasted.